Eurozone Current Account Surplus Declines In January

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The euro area current account surplus declined in January, the European Central Bank said Monday.

The current account logged a surplus of EUR 30 billion in January, down from EUR 37 billion in the previous month.

The surplus on trade in goods rose to EUR 39 billion from EUR 38 billion in December. Likewise, the surplus on services increased to EUR 12 billion from EUR 11 billion.

Primary income showed a shortfall of EUR 4 billion versus +EUR 1 billion a month ago. The deficit on secondary income widened to EUR 17 billion from EUR 14 billion.

During twelve months to January, the current account surplus totaled EUR 263 billion, equivalent to 2.3 percent of GDP. This was up from EUR 262 billion a year earlier.

The financial account surplus increased notably to EUR 315 billion in January from EUR 196 billion last year.

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