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If you’re like me you are desperately trying to block it all out. Would acceptance and surrender be easier? No!

Holiday Scott wearing his Hawaiian shirk. lol shirk!

Harried Henry the hose hating hartebeest.

Ian the Climate Denialist Potato.

All of the above.

Never! He is just getting started! He’s working on his coup right now and he will win argle blargle praise the lord!

He is – It is over he just doesn’t realise it yet which makes it even funnier. Unless it isn’t.

Yes because 10,000 antifa raccoons and a skunk are about to storm the White House that will fix him.

Not sure – meet me at Four Seasons landscaping and we can discuss it.

Hive of border collies and he was licked to death.

Previously undiscovered racist dinosaur (now working at News Corp).

Previously undiscovered wombat adjacent creature?

No please God no.

It’s going great.





Shut up you wordy twat.

You just make these words up half the time it’s not on.

Bats are the only mammals capable of continuous flight.

After human beings, the bat is the pope’s favourite mammal.

One in five mammals on Earth is a bat.

Without bats there would be no tequila.

That was a guano of a year wasn’t it. A lot of people didn’t have a good 2020 but some did! Was it…

One cartoon this year suggested some nice things folks might do help them cope with Covid lockdown. Which is my personal favourite suggestion?

Think about vegetables for a bit – they are AMAZING! how can vegetables help you today? – How can you help vegetables? The road to happiness runs through a veggie patch.

Every day in every way work ceaselessly to dismantle white supremacist patriarchal capitalism and support your comrades in the struggle.

Exercise and sleep are good and important for happiness- but you know that – try not to give yourself such a hard time about everything – you’re doing the best that you can.

Read an adorable book about climate change for younger readers (10-14) written by a penury afflicted yet beloved children’s author/cartoonist.

This year Brenda the civil disobedience penguin engaged in loads of different wildly unsuccessful civil disobedience which was the most successful?

Helping the fig that nobody gives

Participating in a convoy

Protesting in space

Ignoring the surveillance state

One bandicoot can dig more than 40 snoot holes an hour. At around 500 snoot holes a night that’s 13 kg of dirt every evening! Almost 5 tonnes a year per bandicoot.

They make nests which are built with leaf litter and soil and sometimes feature a hollow nesting chamber. The bandicoots in our backyard moved into a rabbit burrow.

Bandicoot snoot holes break through the hard ground to let water, seeds and nutrients in. They reduce fires by lowering fuel loads and spread important fungi that help plants deal with crappy Australian soils.

Australia’s 8th Prime Minister James Scullin had a pet bandicoot named Monty.

10 and above.

9 and above.

8 and above.

7 and above.

6 and above.

5 and above.

4 and above.

3 and above.

2 and above.

0 and above.

1 and above.

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