Eurozone Current Account Surplus Increases In August

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The euro area current account surplus increased in August, the European Central Bank said Tuesday.

The current account surplus rose to EUR 20 billion from EUR 17 billion in July.
The surplus on trade in goods climbed to EUR 32 billion from EUR 30 billion, while the surplus on services fell to EUR 2 billion from EUR 4 billion.

The primary income and secondary income showed deficits in August. The shortfall on primary income decreased to EUR 4 billion from EUR 6 billion and the deficit on secondary income held steady at EUR 11 billion.

In twelve months to August, the current account surplus totaled EUR 224 billion, down from EUR 265 billion in the same period last year.
In financial account, euro area residents’ net acquisitions of foreign portfolio investment securities totaled EUR 549 billion and non-residents’ net acquisitions of euro area portfolio investment securities totaled EUR 446 billion in twelve months to August.

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